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Caps from AMC ‘s Fans Meet the Cast at the Comic-Con BBQ: The Walking Dead: Season 5


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So, I don’t know why my brain works this way, but it does. I realized that Daryl and C@rol are more alike than people might even have realized — and that plays into Norman’s remarks on how they’re just too similar to be romantic. In fact, their entire 4B story lines practically paralleled each other. It only strengthens my theory that Beth is the only light in the darkness that can reach Daryl and Tyreese is the only one that can reach C@rol. :) Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Really, when you see the parallels, it feels like C@rol and Daryl, while still very alike, are now expanding their reach and finding something special and powerful and healing in the company of different people. For Daryl, it’s Beth. For C@rol, it’s Tyreese. I see two ships here, and neither one is C@ryl. ♥

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But why can I not conquer l o v e?

                   And let’s be clear, I trust n o  o n e…

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Norman and Emily

Cell phone stuff, crossbows and thangs.

CC: dedicated to thequeenofshebasays for telling me :)

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Norman @ SDCC’14 + caps

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